D.O.S.® and PROBEM Adhesive applied to Chronic Pain

By Jatir Schmitt



My name is Jatir Schmitt, I am a psychologist, hypnotherapist, EFT and biofeedback therapist, professional internship advisor in clinical psychology, supervisor in clinical hypnosis in Portugal.


I developed my own therapeutic method where I combine some approaches, among them, I highlight the Dipositivo Optimizador Systems -DOS® and PROBEM Adhesive applied to Chronic Pain.

Therapy was applied to patients with persistent pain:

cervical region; neck; shoulders; sciatica with movement limitation for more than three months that did not respond to conventional treatment.

The therapeutic strategy used with the following combination:

10 sessions of DOS (basic protocol), plus 20 minutes of local application as the permanent use of the PROBEM Adhesive at the position of pain.


Patients reported significant symptom relief after the third session, total remission from the fifth session in most cases.
This therapeutic combination has been shown to be effective and definitive in eliminating the symptoms of chronic pain with characteristics mentioned above.

The choice of this approach concomitant with the treatment of the main complaint aimed to promote the general balance of the physical, emotional and energetic body, since most chronic diseases are accompanied by other underlying symptoms, of lesser or greater importance.


D.O.S.® Disks applied to pets or animals



Lili dog.JPG

Lily balancing her Chakras with the news DOS Disks from Brazil….

Healing for sure :)

She actually responds so well to the discs.

D. L.