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D.O.S. Sri Yantra Devices

to the Life



When coupled with a sound transmission system, it transmits harmonious and coherent information through electromagnetic inputs.


This modality is already used in Italy in recreation environments, always expecting with this to offer a better service to all users. Through a soft and balanced energy field, people and the environment which receive this system's information are stimulated to reconfigure their energy patterns to more harmonious levels, more in accord with the essential information emitted by D.O.S. field, based on coherence and vitality.


This process generates an environmental transformation and, depending on the time of exposition (interaction) to the harmonic field and on the individual armors (which interfere with the response speed) we can suggest that the effect will be observable on people's behaviors, which become calmer and more emotionally centered; on the improvement of interpersonal relationships; on team-work collaboration; and on a greater yield in all activities in general. A stimulus to the improvement of all living forms, organic and inorganic, present in the place (plants, animals, stones, etc.) may also be observed.


People in general feel better and end up intuitively seeking to stay in harmonious environments – a factor of extreme usefulness in the commercial and interpersonal planes.


The environmental D.O.S. models are helpful even when people do not submit themselves to individual support techniques (treatment sessions with D.O.S.) or in complement to other therapeutic techniques, used with the same purpose and finality. When complementarity occurs between personal and environmental harmonization, the results are accelerated.


In therapeutic sessions, D.O.S. is used prophylactically to maintain the healthy state and stimulate personal growth processes, propitiating directly the benefits of the environmental models, with an increase in vitality. It promotes the cleansing and harmony of the energetic field, increasing one's syntony with one's own interior, unblocking the energies that prevent the individual from living a healthier, more fluid and prosperous life.




D.O.S. Sri Yantra Sathion


D.O.S. Sri Yantra Sathion


D.O.S. Sri Yantra Device for electrical applications (monophasic, biphasic and/or triphasic),


SathionTM is composed of a unit with dimensions adequate to the potency of the place in which it will be installed, wherein the electromagnetic field is the carrier of the D.O.S.® pattern.


Also used in domiciles and work places. It is installed at the entrance of the electric line of the building (after the measurer), in series, so that when the current flows, the harmonic patterns may be transferred to the environment.



D.O.S. Sri Yantra Water System H2O 


D.O.S. Sri Yantra Water System H2O  


D.O.S. Sri Yantra Water System H2O is a system of cylindrical shape. It is projected for the harmonization of swimming pools, water reservoirs or artesian wells, hydrotherapies, ofuros, domestic bathtubes, etc.


D.O.S. Sri Yantra Water System H2O sends information to the medium with which it makes contact, stimulating molecular and energetic reorganization to optimization levels.


The thus activated produces the effect of a revitalizing and regenerating stimulus.


D.O.S. Sri Yantra Parable



D.O.S. Sri Yantra Parable


Through an avant-garde technological system, the D.O.S. Sri Yantra Parable offers another opportunity for wellness.


D.O.S. Sri Yantra Parable creates a pleasant energetic flux that envelops all the environment, stimulating people to a state of peace and happiness. Its action creates more coherence in all human systems, with more personal potentiality and objectivity in the conquering of the existential self-discovery.


D.O.S. Sri Yantra Sathion Industrial


D.O.S. Sri Yantra Sathion Industrial


D.O.S. Sri Yantra Sathion Industrial is composed of an armored box fixed inside a board of the metal panel kind, containing high potency D.O.S.® units for industrial use. It is installed at the entrance of the electric line of the industry building (after the measurer), in series, so that when the current flows, the harmonic patterns may be transferred to the industrial environment.











D.O.S. Sri Yantra F. D. SaiTron 


D.O.S. Sri Yantra F.D. SaiTron  


D.O.S. Sri Yantra F.D. SaiTron is used in food and drink industries to optimize the various elements or compounds of substances exposed

to its field.














D.O.S. Sri Yantra F. D. Saithion Audio 4P/8W 


D.O.S. Sri Yantra Sathion Audio 4P/8W


D.O.S. Sri Yantra Sathion Audio 4P/8W system stimulates also the creative capacity and cooperation latent in the individual, and produces a progressive diminution of environmental stress. 


D.O.S. Sri Yantra Sathion Audio 4P/8W is part of the D.O.S. System, which is an innovation in the domain of harmonization and environmental wellness.