Waveform Devices & D.O.S. Disks Chakra Healing


Waveform Devices are tools that utilize the concept of traveling light frequencies.


They come in many forms and may be utilized for system and people and environmental energizing and balancing.


We understand that the earth is permeated with energy lines, or meridians of vital energy. These invisible meridians pass right though matter and have either a positive or negative influence on the environment and the people and systems inhabiting it.


Since man is an electromagnetic creature, every cell in the human body is like an electrical circuit. In the presence of disharmonic energies, our bodies respond by getting sick, or angry, or depressed.


It is said that these energies are the cause of 90% of all illness on the planet and they impact everything in a way that makes it difficult to maintain harmony in our lives.


The tools we have selected here, seem to change or transmute these disharmonic energies to positive ones using technology that has been developed over time and experience.



These products are not intended to diagnose,

treat or cure any medical condition or disease.

They are for fun, for energy balancing and for feeling good.

For any medical condition please consult your physician.


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Principles of Sacred Geometry Inside D.O.S. Chakra Healing


  1. We must consider the D.O.S.® System as a "Toroid System" whose essential characteristics can be set out as follows:


    1. The D.O.S.® System is constantly balancing, self-regulating and always whole.


    1. The Toro or the Toroidal System is the main scheme that the "Life-Existence" uses to manifest itself in any octave micro-macro.


    1. The D.O.S.® System is self-organizing, complete himself and is a Vital Vortex.


    1. The D.O.S.®, Toro System, is always in a vector equilibrium; this represented in the drawing by the Flower of Life, and used and incorporated thousands of years by many Cultures to show the harmonic dynamic of Life.


    1. The Flower of Life is a design-symbol whose concepts and compositions can be found in D.O.S.® Disks and it represents a set of vectors converging toward the center of a multidimensional structure, which stabilizes and load balances the same center, as happens with the spokes of a wheel.


We also find it appropriate to recall other aspects of the structure "energy" that are believed to act on D.O.S.®:

The D.O.S.® System is the result of 40 years of research into the so-called ‘vital energy' or subtle energy systems of the human organism. It is meant to be used to activate, transfer, and metabolize the energy that since antiquity has been called: Prana, Ki, Odic Force, Orgone Energy, Vital Energy ecc.


D.O.S. DISK CHAKRA HEALING is the result of the interrelation of a set of elements organized in an architecture based on multidisciplinary concepts.


It contains pluri-strata impressed circuits, interconnected with extra-pure precious metals (gold, platinum, among others precious metals).


The technology used is based on complementary aspects of “resonant form” systems and their originated holographic patterns of the Sacred Geometry, which generate intelligent actions of profound harmony.


D.O.S. DISK CHAKRA HEALING is autonomous, of easy application and maintenance, and its durability is assured by the mechanical resistance of the nylon box reinforced with glass fiber, which on its turn also warrants excellent thermal and mechanic properties within international standards.


D.O.S. DISK CHAKRA HEALING dismisses periodic calibration and does not consume electric energy.


The internal structure of the set, stabilized with a special epoxy-based high resistance resin following the DIN-53458 (110 oC) standard, is composed by a set of highly pure elements, as to create mild and harmonious energy resultants.