D.O.S. Disks Chakra Healing:



D.O.S. Disk Sri Yantra


D.O.S. Disks Chakra Healing set can be formed by:


  • Set 4 units,


  • Set 7 units,


  • Set 12 units.


  • Eventually, you can order a set of 22 Disks


The any set of D.O.S. Disks Chakra Healing can be used simultaneously with any D.O.S.®‘s earlier versions.


Actually, the D.O.S. Disks Chakra Healing contains 54 information layers in its structure.


The central core is a 4-pole discoid that allows a more constant and uniform distribution of the energetic feature.


D.O.S. Disks Chakra Healing also includes bioceramic energetic cells inside his structure.

If you have some D.O.S. Disk Chakra Healing earlier versions,
those can be used normally.
All  D.O.S. Disk Chakra Healing of any year of manufacture
are compatible to work together with the actual model 
D.O.S.® Therapeutic Sri Yantra.


So, what changes from one D.O.S. Disk Chakra Healing to the next version?


Each D.O.S. Disk Chakra Healing version was developed with resonant forms of the Sacred Geometry compatible with the vibrational complexity of the planetary moment.