D.O.S. Disks Chakra Healing

D.O.S. Disk is a portable device wich has a basic feature the capacity of stimulating the optimization of a system.


D.O.S. Disk has an energetic field that sends information inputs when in direct contact with:

  • People


  • Animals


  • Plants


  • Water
EEG SHC DOS before after.jpg
D.O.S. Disks 

D.O.S. Disk is a technological device that stimulates a state of deep relaxation, serenety, vitality and lucidity.


Stressed people feel encouraged and determined to resolve their issues by finding appropriate solutions.


D.O.S. Disk energetic field is useful for:


  • Processes traumatic and chronic degenerative and painful scarring;


  • Metabolic imbalance cases (obesity, anorexia, sleep disorders, allergic reactions, among others cases of health and wellness.