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D.O.S. Disks in Brazil: Our Staff

Doc. Giampiero Cungi

PHD Engineer and Researcher

Doc. Giampiero Cungi is a research scientist of subatomic physics, cosmological physics and parapsychology since 1966.


Electrical engineer, mechanical-industrial equipment designer, businessman abroad and in Brazil, is also a member of the Institute of Noetic Science of California, USA.


Inventor of several cutting-edge technologies aimed at the balance of the human body, among them Sathion Audio system, Sathion Triphasic, D.O.S. parable, D.O.S.® SaiTron for food industries and other equipments.


International lecturer, he travels the world giving workshops on his discoveries and offering his technologies to diverse therapists around the world.


Among them he gained prominence with the famous spiritualist Drunvalo Melchizedek that included D.O.S technology in his workshops as being, in his words, "the best technology for the harmonization of chackras that currently

exists on Earth."


Doc. Cungi currently works in the area of ​​scientific research, development and auditing of new technologies for the wellness and rebalancing of vital energy, at the company DOS Energy, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Dora Tcaciuc

Esthetician - Reiki Master - D.O.S. Therapist

Dora Tcaciuc is a differentiated esthetician, formed by SENAC São Paulo, which she includes in her services the most diverse techniques and holistic methods of therapy and energy stabilization.


Her specialties include:

  • D.O.S. session;


  • Reiki Master; 


  • Magnified Healing;


  • Practicioner of Bars Access;


  • Practicioner of Access Body Processes (MTVSS; Cellular Memories; Trifold Sequencing Systems; Demolecular Manifestation & Molecular Demanifestation; Biomimetic Mimicry BMM);



She had taught in the Technical Course of Aesthetics at the Red Cross Training Center in São Paulo, teaching topics of Hair Removal and Makeup, always presenting the holistic vision for her pupils.


Energetic sensitive, she is specializes in the use of D.O.S Disks Chakra Healing.

Since 2006 he has been managing Rejuvenescenter SPA Urbano, a company that uses D.O.S technology, equipments developed by the renowned Doc. Cungi, in all aesthetic and relaxation treatments.